Today, more than ever before, an online presence is vital when starting, growing, and marketing a business. Most of the time, people look to the internet to answer their questions and needs, and you want to be their answer. There’s an entire world out there online looking for your business, but you need to be visible to get those people as clients.

That’s where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which, in simplest terms, is how a business populates online when words that relate to that business are searched. Words associated with your business or product are known as keywords. For example, if a business sells paper goods, they’ll want to come up in a search for ‘best paper goods’ or ‘best party napkins.’ Those are ideal, though very competitive, phrases to populate for. Being visible online for those keyword phrases is among the best of marketing strategies. However, the possibility of rankable keyword combinations is seemingly endless. Someone who understands SEO would know how to use those keywords both on your website (via great content) and off your website to yield the best results among the competition. It takes time and tremendous effort to rank any website for competitive keywords (especially for businesses in competitive markets), which is why it’s challenging for people to accomplish on their own, if at all. And, the world of SEO goes far deeper than keywords and competitive research.

Beyond keywords, keyword placement, and competitive research, there is link strategy, PPC results, understanding organic formatting, and so on. SEO probably seems overwhelming, but skipping out on SEO can be detrimental to a business because most of the world shops and searches online. Companies that abandon SEO practices almost always find themselves as the needle in the haystack when it comes to their online presence. If you aren’t seen in the online world, you are missing out on targeting a gigantic portion of potential clientele. This is why you need a strong, well-versed team behind you when dipping your toes into the deep and complex SEO waters. There are plenty of SEO firms on the internet who claim to understand the world of SEO and promise keyword-filled content; however, as aforementioned, SEO goes far beyond that.

We are here to help you not only keep your head above water in the online space but to soar and develop a strong online presence. We will guide you through our process and help you to understand SEO as it relates to your unique business while also perfecting your online marketing strategy!