Meet The Founder   

Meet The Imotivators Founder
Mike Hartman

Once Mike Hartman retired from hockey, he started looking around for a fulfilling career to
take the place of professional sports.

That’s when he realized he had a real obligation to pay forward the incredible guidance he
received from mentors growing up and during his career.

He became certified in Axiological Profiles, Behaviors & Motivators (DISC) & is a
High Performance Business Coach.

Combining lessons he learned from mentors, business advisors and coaches he made the
commitment to become a leader to others and help people focus on the little things and
details as it relates to their business.

He founded and sold three businesses in the last 15 years and understands entrepreneurship!

Author of 100 Ways To Become Your Personal Best Blueprint Edition.

The main focus was The Little Things and Details.

Over the years, it has expanded to include Major Franchises and Small to Medium size

He also worked with his father John, who was a pioneer in the domain name arena and
bought over 10,000 URLs including, and

Our team of digital marketing experts purpose and objective is to help companies develop an online presence so they can reach their GOALS!