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Meet The iMotivators
Founder Mike Hartman

Once Mike Hartman retired from hockey, he started looking around for a fulfilling career to take the place of professional sports.

That’s when he realized he had a real obligation to pay forward the incredible guidance he received from mentors growing up and during his career. He became certified in Axiological Profiles, Behaviors & Motivators (DISC), High Performance Business Consultant.

Local Value SEO

$795.00 Per Month

Rating = Entry Level.
Double the work load of “Starter” and targeting 2 keyword categories this plan is great for local businesses with a low budget.

2 Keyword Topic
10 Target Keywords
50 Keywords Tracking

Local Silver SEO

$997.00 Per Month

Rating = Moderate Level.
Our TOP SELLING local SEO plan covering 3 keyword categories and containing advanced strategies for GMB and organic rankings.

3 Keyword Topic
15 Target Keywords
75 Keywords Tracking

Local Gold SEO

$1,399 Per Month

Rating = Competitive Level.
Next to our most competitive local SEO plan the Local Gold targets 4 keyword categories and comes with Quarterly performance audits.

4 Keyword Topic
20 Target Keywords
100 Keywords Tracking

Local Platinum SEO

$1,599 Per Month

Rating = Competitive Level.
Targeting 6 keyword categories and providing Bi-Monthly performance audits this is not surprisingly our top selling competitive local SEO plan.

Keyword Topic
30 Target Keywords
150 Keywords Tracking

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